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Help inner-city kids get prepared for school during this KidsGiving365 and KOOL105 radio event

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Get involved today! Choose how:


My kids and I (or business, club, church, etc.) want to give back-to-school supplies in person to children living in the Denver Housing Projects on Saturday morning, August 5! Tell us how to sponsor a child and sign us up!


We can’t make the event, but still want to help kids in the Denver Housing Projects be prepared for the school year by donating:

Back-to-school supplies – $50
Help support programs that provide children pens, paper, tape, Kleenex and other supplies required by the Denver School District.


Where it’s needed most – $100
Help support programs that ensure a child has a water bottle, backpack, shoes, socks and/or underwear.


More programs that teach kids to be kind – $250
Support KidsGiving365 programs that impact kids today and tomorrow. Together, we’ll create the next generation of givers.


Other amount


  • Research shows volunteering and community service nationwide is at its lowest rate in 12 years.
    KidsGiving365 creates opportunities for everyone, especially kids, to give back. Children who volunteer are more likely to continue doing so as adults. Volunteering can nurture important life skills and values in children and show them that small acts can make a big difference. Volunteering makes people happy (even toddlers) and improves the quality of life.
  • Studies show technology has made some kids self-absorbed and cut off from the realities of the world. In fact, young people today have 40% less empathy than previous generations.
    KidsGiving365 teaches young people the tools and actions of philanthropy, and creates opportunities for civic engagement. Only a small percentage of schools require community service, yet studies show when kids volunteer, they develop more charitable attitudes, beliefs and behaviors. Giving time, money and talent prepares students to be innovative and reflective leaders, and good citizens. Experts say teaching children to care about others is better for them, and for us all.
  • Many people wonder if their time and donations make a difference, because they rarely see the results.
    On KidsGiving365.org, volunteers choose the underserved kids they want to help, and then meet them, face-to-face. That’s good, because studies show people under the age of 35 need to know their support is appreciated and that it makes an impact. Young people see things differently after engaging in meaningful, personal interactions with diverse groups; witnessing human suffering first-hand, and connecting in new ways with the environment. So, experts say the best way to recognize good work is to let children see, touch and feel their results, ideally from the person they helped.

The Denver Housing Authority presented KidsGiving365 with its Distinguished Service Award, 2016 for serving low-income residents for more than seven years. The Denver City Council has also proclaimed it to be an  “impactful” charity, and recognized the nonprofit for its commitment and generosity.

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