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Denver – A law firm and advertising agency are teaming up to help Colorado kids learn about philanthropy and, at the same time, provide the state’s neediest children with back-to-school supplies.
The generous donations of Larson & Larimer P.C. and Denver Advertising allow the 501 (c)(3) nonprofitKidsGiving365 to do what it does best: create opportunities for kids to give back to their community.
On August 5, KidsGiving365 is hosting its second annual school supply drive—where nearly 100 underprivileged families are expected to visit the South Lowell Community Center to gear up on backpacks, notebooks, pencils, and other materials they need to start the school year off on the right foot.

Mark Larson of Larson & Larimer Law

And, because of Larson & Larimer’s $5,000 contribution, every child who comes to the event will receive a free bicycle helmet.

For personal injury attorney Mark Larson, the event is a chance to keep kids safe. “Most of our clients are injured in accidents. We see a lot of the worst of the worst…and the families that are destroyed by accidents,” says Larson. “We want to help kids be safer during summer time.”

To publicize the back-to-school drive, Denver Advertising created a website for KidsGiving365 free of charge.

Mike Lash and his Denver Advertising team

“The more I can help create a normal, functional, healthy childhood for kids, the better I am going to feel about them living a normal life in these formative years,” said Denver Advertising owner Mike Lash.
Want to join Larson & Larimer, Denver Advertising, and KidsGiving365 on August 5? Make a donation today at http://www.kidsgiving365.org/back-to-school-drive/.