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“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide
what kind of difference you want to make.” – Jane Goodall


INTENTION: To take the chill from winter for as many kids as possible.

PURPOSE / SKILLS: To choose a team of volunteers, to engage community support and to organize, as well as anticipate, activities.

ACTIVITY: For many kids, the first signs of autumn are not welcome. That’s because the falling leaves mean temperatures fall, too. And, when you have only last year’s too-small coat or a tattered and stained jacket from a sibling or, even worse, nothing to keep you warm at all, winter becomes a shivery season.

You can change that.

Join with some classmates at school, some kids at your place of worship or your friends in the neighborhood and collect outerwear of all sizes and types and distribute it to those who had little or none.

Then, when the blustery winds begin to blow, you will feel the warmth of the kids who are protected from the cold because of the coat drive you organized.


Enlist some adult advisors to assist you in deciding how to choose the recipients.

Set up a dropoff area in a convenient, visible place and make sure volunteers (with supervision) are there on set and publicized schedule.

Offer a pick-up service.

Decide whether to accept used or only new items.

Print flyers for kids to distribute to family, friends and neighbors. Include space to fill in the contact information for the person passing them out.

Find a place to sort and store the outerwear.

Design a goal chart and display it in a prominent place so people can watch the progress.

Create thank you cards for kids to give to their “donate-ers.” Perhaps, even include the signatures of the key people involved.

Partner with other complementary groups, for instance, if you are in middle school, contact nearby elementary and high schools.

Check with local dry cleaners. They may have unclaimed items to add to the collection, and they may offer to launder your used donations.

Write a story about one coat’s journey to thank the participants. Publish it on the school/place of worship/neighborhood website.

AGE: 6 & Up

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